The Artist Studio Exhibition at The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center June 28 - August 14 2016

Coquina Beach II Horseshoe Crab, Whelk Shell and Mermaid Purses
Once trained to see, artists are able to see color, form and texture in each and every thing. I  delight in seeing more than the generalized metaphors that our brains record and replay.  Instead of seeing an object as its definition, a rock, a seed, a leaf, I peruse all of its parts and connections. My studio is a place where my senses take pleasure in discovering those details.  It is a room where my love of problem solving, variety, and the pursuit of re-creating exactly what I see is awakened, challenged and rewarded. 

The room is small, just 9.5 feet by 12.5 feet.  It is painted in a grayed blue, the perfect neutral for painting and I “raised”  the ceiling by painting a band of white around the room.

I paint with artificial lighting, ambient and directed.  A table in the corner holds my treasures, specimens gathered from near and far.  All of my projects are placed on small shelves on the walls so I may move from one project to the next with ease.  There is no chair in the room as I always stand while working.

The scent pot releases citrus sage.  Classical music plays by day, Vivaldi much of the time and Seeds of Love by Tears for Fears by night.  Brush in hand, I start to paint.  I am cognizant of each move before I make it, deliberate, conscious thinking.  I step away. I look away.  And at some point, I just paint.  I no longer hear my thoughts.  I look again and I hear my muse.  It is then when my spirit is alive.

Botanical Art Workshop in the Outer Banks

SEPTEMBER 12, 13 & 14, 2016 
1411 National Park Drive, Manteo, NC
Instructor: Linda C. Miller
Use your artistic skills to illustrate and create a Botanical Portrait working with flora from The Elizabethan Garden’s greenhouses and grounds. Learn basic drawing skills, observation, and watercolor techniques to create a botanical painting.   Beginner to Advanced welcomed!
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Linda C. Miller  Contemporary Botanical Art
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